It is not just in our hands what happens to us, but what happens to us always happens by our hand too.

In my work, I focus primarily on the design of processes related to work-flow, communication, and (organizational) development rather than the business content because “what is being said does not always matter, but always matters how something is being said.” (Maxim Gorki) I act as a kind of catalyst who remains uninvolved in terms of the topics in question and who generates impetus in order to make you realize your potential even better than before.

  • If you think about yourself: Systemic Consulting
  • If you meet and talk to one another: Facilitation & Presentation
  • If you dispute with one another: Conflict Mediation
  • If you work internationally: Impact-oriented Consultation
  • If you work together: Management Consultation

Here's how my work might contribute to your changing – or even improving – your situation. I am happy to get to know you personally if you contact me.

People can give meaning to their life only by what they do (or do not do) and how they do it.